Horse Racing Handicapping Help and Tips

Does your horse racing handicapping need help? You’re not alone. First of all, don’t be discouraged. If you’re trying to pick winners or playing exotics and trying to make a profit, you probably have already figured out just how hard that is.Gambling, and let’s make no mistake, wagering on horse races is gambling, is a tough way to make money. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re determined to give the life of a horse player a try, here are a few good tips that may give you a boost.First of all, betting on favorites and grinding out a small profit or percentage is extremely difficult. I recommend you only bet on horses at a price, as they say, and if you’re playing exotics, better have some horses in your combinations that are at longish odds. That doesn’t mean you have to bet on extreme long shots, but using the top three horses in the odds in a trifecta box is financial suicide.The best way to get some value from your wagers is to find races where the top picks, the hroses at the lowest odds, have a flaw in their past performances. It may be that they are not bred to go the distance and have never demonstrated that ability. It may also be a low percentage jockey or trainer. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a race in which the favorite has never won at the distance and class and there are other horses in the race who have done just that. This is my own personal favorite.Whatever the case may be, throwing out low odds horses who have a reason to fail and replacing them with other horses that are at longer odds is the way to get value for your wagers. I find it much easier to bet on a horse that has never won on turf or at a mile and a quarter at 12-1 than a similar horse at 2-1. Long shots win every day and often the flaws that caused them to be long shots are shared by horses at shorter odds.When comparing the runners in a race, that is the kind of discrepancy in the odds that you are looking for. Sticking with better quality races may help as well. In general terms, the higher the purse the less likely the chances of any underhanded acts such as “stiffing,” the favorite.Another good rule of thumb is to keep your wagers small and spread your gambling over many races and many days. Anyone can have a bad day, but a bad week or month is less likely. As we say on the backstretch, “There’s always fresh.”